I thank Sen. Susan Collins for her vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Congratulations on her eloquent speech, in which she detailed her thorough examination of all the facts that led to her decision.

It was a lesson and reminder to all those who had condemned him when there is not a trace of direct evidence to support such an accusation. They want to believe the unsustained accusation of one person when there are many women – classmates, colleagues, friends and family – who have known him for many years and testify to his impeccable behavior and high morals.

It’s so sad that, by trying to stop his confirmation, they seemed to want to destroy his life and successful career.

I hope the #MeToo movement and media give the same support and coverage to the abuse accusations against U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison. There is lots of evidence that seems to be ignored. Susan Collins’ reputation as a moderate senator remains intact and has been elevated to one of the best we have had in Maine. We, the quiet moderate women from all parties, are her strong base. We will always support her, as we know her judgment and votes are in the best interest for Maine. Most of Maine is proud of you, Sen. Collins.

Ana Lou Elwell


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