WASHINGTON — President Trump and Senate Republicans are forecasting nightmarish Democratic “mob rule” to amp up voters for next month’s critical midterm elections, flipping the script from complaints that it’s Trump and the tea party movement who’ve boosted rowdy and divisive tactics to dangerous levels.

Less than a month from voting in which Republican control of Congress is dangling precariously, Republicans are linking comments and actions by Democratic politicians, raucous protesters opposing Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination and even a gunman who shot targeted Republican lawmakers.

The message to Republican voters: Democrats are employing radical tactics that are only growing worse.

“The Democrats are willing to do anything, to hurt anyone, to get the power they so desperately crave,” Trump said at a rally in Minnesota last week. He added, “They want to destroy.”

Democrats argue that the party of Trump and the conservative tea party has nerve to decry such behavior.