The Senate hearing on Judge Kavanaugh was sickening. Evidently, the destruction of two good people, their families and their careers is nothing compared to the preservation of Democrat power and privilege. The politics of personal destruction was on embarrassing display.

The radical Dems set the stage by lying to Dr. Ford about the committee’s willingness to come to her for a private meeting. Giving Dr. Ford the benefit of the doubt, her goal was to bring forward what she believed to be the truth. The Democratic politicians and her lawyers, however had a different agenda; they were desperate to delay, by any means, fair or foul, the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to the highest court.

Only three people had Dr. Ford’s confidential letter, Sen. Feinstein, Rep. Eshoo and Dr. Ford’s lawyer. Someone outed Dr. Ford against her wishes; which of the three betrayed her? Whichever, Feinstein said Ford outed herself when she talked to the press. So much for confidentiality.

Democrat fear: Justice Kavanaugh means the high court will no longer make law, and modify the Constitution at will by declaring that the Constitution is “living.” This is important because it will rein in progressive power, government growth, corruption and abuse of power.

The thought of limits on their power scares the hell out of Democrats because they will have to answer to the people instead of the swamp. The destruction of Judge Kavanaugh’s exemplary life and outing of Dr. Ford, has coated the Democrats in foul-smelling swamp slime. Will senators refute this cynical, desperate Democrat grasping for power? Will the Senators re-affirm “presumption of innocence”? Will senators validate this vile attempt to gain prestige and honors on the reputations of those they use and discard like so much leftover lunch?

Jock MacGregor

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