I strongly and unequivocally support the Scarborough Board of Education candidacy of Amy Glidden.

I’ve worked with Amy for over 25 years. In addition to new blood, Amy will bring energy, intelligence, experience and spirit to the board.

Amy has worked in both special education and with Advanced Placement students. She brings equal measures of kindness, understanding, intelligence and analytical skill. She understands what kids and schools need.

She is a leader of teachers and knows the negotiations process well. Amy has worked with kids, teachers, staff and administrators. She also co-chaired the attendance policy committee, which resulted in a decrease in absenteeism and tardiness. Amy has had formal training in differentiated instruction, teacher evaluation, 504 (students with disabilities) and response to intervention.

All of this will help her to effectively interact with constituents and the many demands of proficiency-based education mandated by the state.

Chris Queally

retired English department chair, Thornton Academy

Scarborough resident

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