If you want an experienced, dedicated and independent Cumberland County district attorney, support Jonathan Sahrbeck.

I came to know Jonathan in 2000 when he interned for me in U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe’s office. He was then, and is now, extremely bright, capable and compassionate. During his internship, he was a quick study and a hard worker who went the extra mile to help constituents.

We’ve remained friends, and I’m proud of the accomplishments he has achieved as an attorney, especially in his current position as assistant attorney in the District Attorney’s Office. He is well-respected for his integrity and for being tough but fair while working with offenders and law enforcement.

As an independent, Jonathan leaves politics at the doorstep when he goes to work. Prosecutors need to have an unwavering commitment to the law, not politics, because they’re making decisions that affect people’s lives.

Vote for Jonathan Sahrbeck for Cumberland County district attorney on Nov. 6.

Cheryl Leeman

former mayor and city councilor


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