When I was raped at ages 13 and 19, I didn’t come forward. When voting, what we should ask is: “Who will protect me, my family and my friends if they come forward as victims?”

Democrat Jon Gale has spent most of his career as a defense attorney. His campaign for Cumberland County district attorney focuses on serving criminals, not accountability. He hasn’t prosecuted a sexual assault for nearly 20 years.

Independent Jonathan Sahrbeck has the experience necessary to fight for victims. A prosecutor advocates for sexual assault victims. Holding predators accountable is not a partisan issue. I’ve voted Democratic my entire life, but we need to do more to hold predators accountable.

District attorneys need to do justice for their entire community, including the victims who don’t feel they have a voice. It’s clear after watching Brett Kavanaugh testify that victims deserve justice. Predators belong in jail. Jonathan Sahrbeck should be Cumberland County’s district attorney.

Michelle Keller


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