One vote, two senators.

Susan Collins conducted a review of 12 years of jurisprudence from Brett Kavanaugh, multiple interviews of the nominee, multiple FBI reports and finally a vote.

Contrast that with Sen. Angus King. He didn’t meet with Kavanaugh. He saw a broadcast of the confirmation hearing, where he couldn’t hear what was said but cited his perception of the body language of Kavanaugh.

His weak defense of his vote was based on a person’s temperament and a cursory review of general statements. See his YouTube video of his dissenting view about Kavanaugh on the Senate floor.

Sen. King, having asked several Mainers their opinions, said on WGAN that 90 percent of the people he spoke with believed that Kavanaugh is unqualified to serve on the Supreme Court. A partisan, for the Democrats.

I say to Sen. King: “You are not an independent, sir! You are a partisan.

“Do your homework! Take a memo from the senior senator from Maine. The entire Senate acted as a jury in the Kavanaugh case. Advise and consent? Your vote is duly noted. I will remember you in the ballot booth in November.”

Mark Ramsey

Old Orchard Beach

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