Vote McCreight

I am writing in strong support of the re-election of Joyce (Jay) McCreight as our State Representative for Harpswell, West Bath and East Brunswick.

I say “our” because Jay truly represents us in Augusta. I’ve known Jay for years and I know how hard she works for us.  During her service in the legislature she has knocked on thousands of our doors, responded to each one of our phone calls, emails and letters, because she knows that to truly represent us, she needs to hear directly from us about our needs and concerns.

Through her concern and her persistence, Jay helps people get through the maze of state agencies and service providers to get answers and results.  She often says that every question is an opportunity not just to help, but to learn so that she can better help the next person.

If you want your voice to be heard and your concerns turned into action, please join me in supporting Jay McCreight’s re-election to the Maine House with your vote in November.

Aaron J. Fuchs,

Orrs Island

Ankeles for council

I have been so fortunate to work with Dan Ankeles in my time in the House of Representatives. I have seen first hand his hard work, smart ideas and commitment to fighting for everyone, and I couldn’t recommend him enough for the at-large seat on the Brunswick Town Council.

At the beginning of my first term, Dan sent me a video describing “zombie debt” collectors. These predatory companies would buy huge spreadsheets listing uncollectible debts that other lenders had written off — debts that were often too old to legally collect or may never have been owed in the first place.

These companies would then file suit in our courts ‑ offering no documentation other than a single line on their giant spreadsheet. If the Mainer targeted in this suit didn’t hire a lawyer and show up in court to fight, the companies were often able resurrect the debt like a zombie and trap Mainers into paying debts they did not owe.

Dan asked if I would help him to ban this abuse. He worked diligently to draft legislation and then to shepherd it through a very contentious legislative process. In the end, we were able to garner bipartisan support, and the Governor signed our bill into law in 2017, protecting Mainers from abuse at the hands of shady financial companies.

I know that Dan will work just as hard for the people of Brunswick, helping to shape the kind of town where everyone gets a fair shot. On Nov. 6, I urge you to vote for him to be your voice on the Council.

Rep. Heather Sanborn,


Grohman the right choice for Maine

In our current political climate, it seems like most political ads tell us why we should vote against “the other guy” and rarely do we hear why this person is the best choice for Maine. It’s called negative partisanship and it means people’s hatred or fear of the other party is used to drive voter turnout. It’s not the way that we should be choosing our elected officials.

This letter is to tell you why I am voting for Marty Grohman for Congress this November; why I think he’s the best choice for Maine’s first congressional district and not why you should vote against his opponents.

I’ve known Marty for a few years now and have gotten to see him work directly at the Maine State House. His mantra of “fix not fight” is just what Maine and the country needs right now. Marty has always looked at the issues from all sides and asks hard questions. He was one of the first legislators to stick his neck out and try to forge a more reasonable path forward on minimum wage. In fact, he was one of the first to listen to Maine’s restaurant servers when the elimination of the tip credit was an unintended consequence of the minimum wage referendum. Through his leadership, he was able to help build a bi-partisan coalition to restore the tip credit. Interestingly, Washington, DC City Council just voted to reinstate their tip credit following a similar backlash from restaurant workers in our nation’s capital.

Marty’s experience growing up on a Maine farm as well as launching and growing a Maine manufacturing business will serve him well in Congress. He’s not afraid to tackle a difficult or impossible task and he knows the value of hard work.

As an independent candidate, Marty will be able to continue to look at each issue from all sides and continue to vote in the best interests of Maine. I would urge folks to give Marty Grohman a look this November and support him with your vote.

Curtis Picard,