When we look back on the confirmation process of Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, one thing will most definitely stand out: Maine Sen. Susan Collins’ impressive, well-researched speech on the Senate floor and her historic vote in favor of confirming an impeccably qualified nominee.

Sen. Collins is exactly what the people of Maine value in our leaders: representation based not on partisan politics, but on independent thought and a commitment to the values of the constituents.

Collins’ speech on the Senate floor last week provided the nation with a thorough, impartial take on the Supreme Court confirmation process. She outlined now-Associate Justice Kavanaugh’s stellar credentials on the D.C. Circuit, his impartiality in each of his decisions and his integrity despite weeks of character assassination from Senate Democrats. She left no questions unanswered in her strong defense of President Trump’s highly qualified nominee.

The people of Maine thank Sen. Collins for her integrity and condemn the senseless vitriol she and her staff have received throughout this process. We are proud of her vote in favor of confirmation and honor her critical role in giving us another amazing jurist for the Supreme Court bench: Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Barbara Campbell Harvey

secretary, Maine Republican Party Portland

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