Sen. Susan Collins is a public official elected to represent the state of Maine in our federal government. It is her duty to represent the people of Maine, as well as the state itself on a national stage. By all measures, she failed to live up to those duties last Friday.

Her televised speech, orchestrated by her staff to dominate the day’s news cycle and maximize her publicity, was not only unnecessary, but also harmful to our state’s reputation. While her speech was long, the message was simple – she is aligned with the conclusions of her party and will vote alongside them. A simple “yes” vote without the publicity stunt would have sufficed.

Instead, she made a speech that was divisive and offensive to many. I found it to be a gross display of self-aggrandizement at the expense of our state’s reputation.

If the senator is not interested in representing our state to the best of her ability, I would ask that she correct course or resign. I cannot believe that her actions last Friday were intended for our benefit.

Richard Lations


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