It has been a trend for years that voter turnout numbers in all elections are extremely low throughout the country. Voting is extremely important, as it allows citizens to have an opinion on the policy of our nation. It is vital for our citizens to vote because voting helps the government to make many decisions that can affect our everyday lives. By simply taking a moment of time on Election Day to fill out a ballot, voters will be heard.

Though Maine’s 72.9 percent voter turnout in the 2016 presidential election was second highest in the nation, the midterm voting numbers never come close to being so large. According to the United States Election Project, nationally only 35.9 percent of those eligible went out to cast their vote in the 2014 midterm elections.

On Nov. 6, there will be a midterm election held to determine many government positions that represent Maine on a statewide and national level. Even though this election is smaller in scope than the presidential election, the public can easily go out and directly support a party or person whose ideas and vision they believe in.

As a person who doesn’t have the option of voting, because I’m not old enough yet, I find it unsettling to think that such a large number of people don’t exercise their right to vote and give their opinions. Yes, some might say one vote won’t help to make a decision, but if such a large share of those who are eligible keep that attitude, then our government will never see any positive change.

It is vital for those who are eligible to make voting in every election a habit, not only to help our state’s future, but also to affect our national government.

Katie Phillips


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