Sen. Susan Collins is a hero. I feel proud and privileged to be from a state with her kind of leadership.

She was able to get beyond the special interest groups and professional agitators to see the bigger picture. Many of her colleagues are calling her speech the best they have heard on the Senate floor. She described the clear thinking, good judgment and due diligence that went into her decision. She was able to respect the principles upon which our government is based, among them the presumption of innocence. Even white men who attended prep schools are entitled to that.

I am not a member of either party. I share many liberal values. I am saddened and appalled at the Democratic members of Congress. They should be ashamed of themselves for using Christine Blasey Ford, who never wanted to go public, to satisfy their own agenda and win votes. There was no consideration for her feelings and the effect on her.

There is no question in my mind that she was attacked. But I do believe there is more than a reasonable doubt about the identity of her assailant.

So, I applaud Susan Collins’ courage to do the right and honorable thing without regard to politics, re-election or histrionics. By all accounts Brett Kavanaugh is qualified for a seat on the Supreme Court. He will be a thoughtful and fair judge who bases his decisions on the law and the Constitution.

The Constitution has served us well for over 200 years, making us a model for others to emulate. I dearly hope that extremists and partisans on both sides will finally see the destructive path we are on and realize that more good will be achieved by meeting in the middle.

Connie Bryon


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