On Nov. 6, voters in Scarborough, Gorham and Buxton will have the opportunity to vote for Linda Sanborn, the Democratic candidate for the Maine State Senate. Linda, a retired physician, has a very strong commitment to seeing that everyone in Maine has access to health care. That concern was a major focus of her work during the eight years she serve in the Maine House of Representatives. She worked closely with other legislators to see that that the medical needs of all Maine’s families were being addressed.

Linda’s opponent, Sen. Amy Volk, voted against Medicaid expansion and against issuing an $11 million dollar housing bond (which was later passed by voters), Linda would have voted in support of both these issues.

Linda was one of only three candidates in Maine who were endorsed by former President Barak Obama.

Just as Linda cared deeply for her patients when she was practicing medicine, she also cared deeply for her constituents and is committed to doing what is best for all of our citizens.

Please vote for Linda Sanborn for Maine State Senate.

Sheri Faber