I’m a 29-year-old social worker who’s worried about Maine’s future.

I believe that our democracy works when we vote for whom we want in the office. Not the candidate we’re being pressured to vote for, or the candidate in a particular party or the candidate who’s “our only hope” of winning.

Me? I am voting for independent Alan Caron because he sees ways to make government efficient, effective and less costly. He demonstrates that he cares what the majority of us have to say.

Moreover, because he is concerned about the impact of Maine’s aging population on our workforce and economy, his economic development plan is focused on growing small companies and attracting people who have talent and energy, want to live in a great state like ours and can create new businesses here.

Alan Caron will ensure that we have a governor who understands that Maine’s economy must grow without losing our special character and quality of life.

Benjamin Borkan


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