“Political money is like water,” the saying goes, “it gets over, under, around and through any obstacle in its way.” The Center for Responsive Politics estimates that, in 2016, the total spent by presidential and congressional candidates, political parties and independent interest groups trying to influence federal elections came to an astonishing $6,567,810,773.

It’s axiomatic that political candidates are beholden to those who underwrite their campaigns. I am impressed, then, that Joey Brunelle – at-large candidate for Portland City Council – doesn’t take contributions from corporations, real estate developers, political action committees or out-of-state donors. His website shows that he has interesting ideas about the municipal budget process, transportation, housing, schools and the local-level response to climate change.

Portland needs creative thinkers on the council who can ensure that our city’s growth benefits us all. Joey Brunelle deserves the seat he seeks.

Ellen D. Murphy


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