I wish to share some of the reasons why I fully support Democrat Henry Ingwersen to be our state representative for Arundel, Dayton and part of Lyman (House District 10).

A teacher for over 20 years, Henry most recently taught elementary school science. He has a passion to share his love of science and inquiry with the next generation. Scientific literacy at all levels is essential for our economy to thrive.

Henry is also dedicated to protecting our environment, and he practices what he preaches. Henry and his family work toward a sustainable lifestyle. He supports efforts to develop alternative energy sources and lower the cost of energy to our pocketbooks and our environment.

There are many other reasons to support Henry Ingwersen as our next state representative, including his experiences as a small-business owner, his honesty and integrity and his thoughtfulness. He will be a strong advocate for us and future generations.

Amy Davidoff


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