I am Donna Loring, a Penobscot Nation tribal elder. I represented the Penobscot Nation in the state Legislature for over a decade.

This choice is a major one for me. I have researched all of the gubernatorial candidates. I have concluded that Democrat Janet Mills is by far the best choice to be the governor for all of Maine. (This is my personal endorsement and not the endorsement of the tribes.)

I served on the Judiciary Committee with Janet. We do agree on some very important issues: the Indian Child Welfare Act, first and foremost. Janet understands that the taking of Indian children from their families is an act of genocide. She supports the ICWA against federal efforts to eliminate that act and the protection it provides to our Native families.

We agree to take another look at the Violence Against Women Act to see if there can be some compromise so tribal courts can handle these cases.

We agree that preserving the environment is a very important issue; as governor, Janet will work with the tribes and environmental groups to find solutions without litigation.

We agree on the need for state government to open up official lines of communication to the tribes.


Janet has said she wants to raise the economic tide for all of Maine’s citizens, including the tribes. Janet knows our issues and is willing to address them immediately.

There are two independents in this race. Please do not repeat what happened with Eliot Cutler. It is too important for the future of the tribes and the future of Maine. A vote for the independents is a vote for Shawn Moody.

It’s about character, honesty, integrity, trust, strong leadership. Janet fulfills all of those.

Janet will be a governor we can be proud of. She will be a governor for all of Maine.

Donna Loring


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