If you care about the protection of Maine’s environment and natural resources, you have a clear choice about who deserves your vote for governor: Democrat Janet Mills.

For the past eight years, the LePage administration has undertaken an all-out assault on the laws and programs that protect our environment. Gov. LePage’s hand-picked successor to continue these destructive efforts is Shawn Moody.

Contrary to every scientific study and informed understanding, Mr. Moody has joined LePage as a denier of climate change, an ideology that can only harm Maine’s fisheries, wildlife and forest resources, on which the state’s economy depends.

Although some find appeal in the candidacies of independents Alan Caron and Terry Hayes, they cannot win this election, and a vote for them can only secure the election of Shawn Moody. On Nov. 6, please support Maine’s natural resources and environmental protection: Vote for Janet Mills.

Jeff Pidot