ALFRED — Two candidates are running for an open seat in what could be the last election for a York County treasurer.

Democrat Bob Mills of Biddeford and Republican Bradford Littlefield of Sanford are vying to replace current treasurer Frank Wood, who is not running for re-election.

In addition to the treasurer’s race, there also is a ballot question on whether to abolish the position of elected county treasurer and replace it with a treasurer appointed by the county commissioners.

If voters abolish the elected post, then the outcome of the election is moot. But if the question fails, the winner of the treasurer’s election will begin a four-year term Jan. 1.

Both Mills and Littlefield said they believe the county treasurer should be an elected position because it provides financial accountability directly to voters.

Mills, who works as an educational technician, behavioral health professional and direct support professional, said his years on the Biddeford City Council and on other boards and commissions and his experience with municipal budgets are the reasons people should choose him.

“I have a proven track record of 10-plus years as a city councilor and (on) various boards and commissions in Biddeford,” he said. “I delved into our city’s and other comparable communities’ financial affairs and budgets. I was and still (am) a fair, impartial decision-maker. I’ll continue to (do) the same as the new York County treasurer.”

Littlefield also has city council experience. He said he served for 10 years on the Sanford City Council and on various other boards and commissions. He believes he is the right choice for York County treasurer because he has more than 30 years of experience in creating government budgets.

“During the 1990s, I was an elected warrant committee member and served for about four years until the town of Sanford changed its charter and developed a modified finance committee of which I was appointed to by the Sanford Town Council as their only representative,” Littlefield said. “Then again in 2012, Sanford changed its charter and developed a budget committee and I served as the council’s representative to the budget committee and also served in 2013 as the budget committee’s vice chair.”