After the massacre at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, I woke Sunday morning under a weight of grief. I am heartbroken as a Jew, as an American and as a human being.

Growing up, even as a child, I learned about the Holocaust. We said, “Never again,” yet secretly believed it could not happen here. Now, I see that it not only can happen here – indeed, it is happening.

An illegitimate president stirs up hatred toward political opponents and, even more ominously, journalists. He attacks immigrants, even those who are children. He calls neo-Nazis “very fine people.” The National Rifle Association owns our politicians. Police murder African-Americans with impunity. Anti-Semitism in the U.S. is rising at a historic rate.

I am heartbroken but not surprised. In this climate, it was only a matter of time before anti-Semitism, that ancient, undying hatred, would explode with devastating results.

The hour is late. We must come together to stand against hate in all its forms. What are you going to do?

Dana Robbins


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