If we ever want to get out of the cycle of having governors who win by less than a true majority, we must implement ranked-choice voting in general elections for state offices. Janet Mills will do so; Shawn Moody won’t.

As a self-employed Mainer, I depend on the Affordable Care Act for my health care coverage. Gov. LePage has allowed more than $1 billion in federal income tax dollars to be distributed to other states that have already expanded Medicaid, while more than 70,000 of our own residents go without health care coverage.

Thirty-three states, including 17 with Republican governors, have expanded Medicaid to date and seen the economic benefits; none has ended its expansion, even though they could at any time. More dollars in health care workers’ pockets translate to more dollars in Maine’s economy. Mills will expand Medicaid; Moody won’t.

Please join me in voting for Democrat Janet Mills.

Dozier Bell


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