No matter who you are, or what your income looks like, you’ll eventually need some kind of assistance to continue living a comfortable life as you get older.

By voting “yes” on Question 1, Mainers of all backgrounds will have the freedom to decide if they want home care. The universal home care program will be funded through a payroll tax on Maine’s wealthiest 2.6 percent, and will benefit all Mainers who wish to spend their retirement years surrounded by loved ones, and not forced into assisted living. When voting in November, ask yourself: “Will I be able to afford over $50,000 a year for in-home care if my health starts to decline?”

A “yes” on Question 1 will let Mainers decide if they want home care, no matter the cost. With home care, Mainers don’t have to be sent away from their friends and family to get the assistance they need.

Carly St. Pierre


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