Since I launched my campaign for Congress, I’ve driven thousands of miles and met with tens of thousands of voters.

Through all those miles and all those conversations, I’ve yet to hear a single Maine voter tell me: “Marty, I like the status quo. Congress is doing a great job. More gridlock, please!”

The truth is, Maine voters are sick of what’s happening in Congress. Republicans and Democrats are too busy yelling at each other, and nothing is getting done. This is why I’m running for Congress.

While Republicans and Democrats fight, they fail to deal with our opioid crisis, our health care costs or saving Medicare or Social Security. This behavior is unacceptable. But we can’t stop it by doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. We can’t keep sending extreme partisans to Congress.

My two opponents are both aggressive partisans, and both contribute to the problem.

Democrat Chellie Pingree’s rhetoric is extremely hostile toward her political opponents. In fundraising emails, she’s described Republicans as “shady” and “dirty,” and presents a level of hostility toward Republicans that only exacerbates the gridlock in Washington.

Republican Mark Holbrook has tried and failed to run for office two times prior to this year, each time being rejected by voters for his outrageous comments toward Democrats.

I’m running for Congress as an independent to be part of the solution.

I grew up in western Maine on a small dairy farm and started a successful manufacturing business in Biddeford.

Everything I’ve accomplished has been the result of working with others toward solutions – not pointing the blame finger. And that’s exactly what I’ll do in Congress. If we send people to Washington who are focused on fixing things, and not fighting with each other, we will change the direction of this nation.

I’m Marty Grohman, an independent running for Congress, and I’d be honored to have your vote Nov. 6.

Marty Grohman

independent U.S. House candidate, 1st Congressional District


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