We desperately need to be promoting sustainability in all aspects of our lives, for our children, grandchildren and, if we get it right, our great-grandchildren.

There are three spheres of sustainability, and they all need to be sustainable to make our combined futures successful. Environmental, social and economic sustainability all overlap, and all need to support each other to ensure that Americans in the future have every chance that we have had.

Simple, right? Well, it is if we do one thing: Put our kids and grandkids first. Stop voting for those who promise to keep giving us more. Why? Debt.

Currently, we’re racking up about $2,000 per person in new debt each year in the U.S. Not long ago it was double that. How long can it keep going? Hard to say, but what is clear is that it is unsustainable.

Need something to help you decide? Take a look at the U.S. Debt Clock. Look at what you owe. Nah! That’s no fun – can’t even read numbers that high!

OK. I’ll admit I could probably swim to England and have a cup of tea with the queen before this letter will change the upcoming election. But humor me and do a little research. After all, every one of us is sick and tired of all the ads we’re seeing and hearing, so why not do a little research before voting this year? You might just change your mind about how you vote this year and feel good about it.

Pike Bartlett