On a recent cruise to Portland, my wife, Margo, and I planned an excursion to Kennebunkport, but she fell on the walkway to the buses, and the diagnosis at Mercy Hospital was a fractured nose and a concussion, among many bumps and bruises.

Sadly, that ended our cruise, but on a much happier note, we met one of your city’s security men, Tony, who actually sat on the ground back-to-back with Margo until the emergency medical technicians arrived. Then, much later in the day, he “accidentally” found me struggling with our luggage and gave me a golf cart ride to the terminal. He also introduced me to a fellow security person, Toni, who stayed with me even after the terminal closed until the hotel shuttle came to pick me up.

Meanwhile, Mercy ER physician Marc Hoffman, along with nurse Tim, couldn’t have been nicer and more helpful to Margo. In addition, a hospital staff member, Jean Lloyd, made arrangements for us to stay at the Clarion Hotel that night because she knew it was close to the airport, where we’d be able to get a flight back to Atlanta the next day.

Bottom line, our take on this is that the city of Portland is obviously filled with the most gracious, caring folks in the country. This Georgia couple would move there in a minute (but I’ve heard about your winters!). Many thanks to all who more than made this unfortunate “trip” so tolerable.

Charles P. Hagan

Powder Springs, Ga.