BRIDGTON — Bridgton voters approved all six referendum questions set before them Nov. 6. 

In Question 1, voters approved 1,350 to 1,183 a 180-day moratorium on the siting, operation or licensing of any medical marijuana storefronts in town. 

A sign ordinance focused on the effective and safe use of signs passed 1,458 to 1,008. The goal of the ordinance is to promote the safety and comfort of residents, reduce distractions and obstructions from signs and ensure that signs adequately identify local businesses and services, among other goals.

The Fire Protection and Life Safety Ordinance, which establishes fire protection measures and ensures the protection and safety of firefighters against building collapse, among other measures, was approved 1,684 to 746. 

Voters also voted 1,806 to 749 to expand the town’s wastewater system in order to increase capacity, improve water quality and promote economic growth. The project will be funded through state and federal grants as well as general obligation bonds or notes, which are not to exceed $13,528,000. 

Bridgton voters authorized 1,370 to 871 the issuing of general obligation bonds to renovate and improve the upper portion of Main Street from Pondicherry Square to the Monument. The work will include reconstructing sidewalks, installing energy efficient lighting and traffic safety measures and providing an appealing streetscape. The bonds cannot exceed a principal outstanding amount of $2,936,320.

Residents approved Question 6, which is identical to Question 5 except the bonds will be authorized to a local bank or to the Maine Municipal Bond Bank in a principal outstanding amount not to exceed $1,355,000. The referendum passed 1,438 to 786. 

In Standish, voters approved charter amendments that eliminate references to the SAD 6 School Board member elections in certain sections of the town charter because the latest Reapportionment Plan for SAD 6 delegates those elections to SAD 6, not the town. The vote was 1,102 to 469. 

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