The Colby College football team is 2-6, but that doesn’t matter. Bowdoin is 1-7, but that doesn’t matter either. This week on Mayflower Hill, it’s championship week.

For the first time since 2013, the Colby-Bates-Bowdoin championship is at stake in the Colby-Bowdoin game. Five years ago, Bowdoin’s win over Colby meant the series ended in a three-way tie. This season, with each team owning a win over Bates, Saturday’s winner claims the title.

“It’s a championship game. There’s a trophy. I think that’s really special in regards to a league within a league,” said Colby Coach Jack Cosgrove, who will complete his first season with the Mules on Saturday after more than two decades coaching the University of Maine. “This is my first go-round with it. I recognized it from afar for all those years and I know how important it is to the schools.”

Colby beat Bates 21-6 two weeks ago. Bowdoin beat the Bobcats last week, 31-14. Bowdoin hasn’t won the CBB outright since 2010. For Colby, the wait has been even longer. The Mules last won the CBB championship in 2005, which was the final season in a run of dominance that saw Colby win the title five times in six seasons.

For the Colby seniors, the wait for another CBB title has been too long. Don Vivian, a safety and captain, said the team quickly put last week’s 48-0 loss at Tufts in the past and focused on Bowdoin.

“It’s tough to understand coming off a tough loss like that at Tufts to really refocus and put yourself in a championship week mindset. I think as the week has gone on, we’ve really put ourselves in the mindset that this is a championship game, and not a lot of teams have the opportunity to do this,” Vivian said. “This is my first opportunity in four years (to win the CBB), and I can’t wait to play. It’s Bowdoin’s first chance to do it in a while as well. It’s an exciting time for Colby football.”

In each of the last four seasons, Bates clinched the CBB title before Colby and Bowdoin played each other. This time, with the trophy on the line, there is more excitement surrounding the game. Cosgrove has fielded calls and emails from alumni all week.

“They don’t care about the Tufts game. The main message is go beat Bowdoin,” Vivian said. “That’s what it has to be.”