My letter is in response to the Nov. 10 Maine Voices column written by William Vaughan Jr. on the subject of health care.

Mr. Vaughan focuses his attentions primarily on dry logic in his article, and I was at first tempted to respond in kind, but I feel it is more pressing to address the more basic problem with his arguments: Mr. Vaughan’s own utter lack of compassion.

A tax on those with “deleterious genes” if they want to reproduce? Allowing those who suffer from obesity, drug addiction or mental illness to simply suffer “commensurate feedback”? Where is his basic decency? I feel that it should be unnecessary for me to write comprehensive rebuttals to these repulsive ideas, because if a person does not immediately recoil from them, it only goes to prove that person’s utter lack of conscience.

Shame on Mr. Vaughan for entertaining and attempting to spread these vile ideas, and shame on the Press Herald for allowing them to see print. Freedom of speech does not mean that one has the right to a platform, and these proposals, which spit on every value that constitutes the foundation of our society, deserve no platform at all.

Ross McCabe


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