I read a column in the Oct. 28 Maine Sunday Telegram about a new feature called Meetinghouse, which will appear at the beginning of each month.

It feels like fresh air that Greg Kesich, the editorial page editor, invites writers to submit short life stories to [email protected], so we can better mingle and communicate with people in other communities and neighborhoods in Maine.s

The first three topics he introduced are Dec. 2, “Heading Home”; Jan. 6, “Starting Over,” and Feb. 3, “A Lesson.” Every three months, new topics will be given for us to reflect upon. These evolving themes will encourage us to dig into the archives of our memories, and see if it triggers thoughts of a slice of our life to write about and share.

Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist monk, says, “Every person is a world to explore.” The new Meetinghouse feature in the Telegram plants a seed that has the potential to bring the sentiments of this quote to fruition.

Linda Gerard DerSimonian


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