I reside in a town with a relatively new Cabela’s store, and I live in the state that is proud to be the birthplace of the flagship L.L. Bean store. I am neither a hunter nor a fishing enthusiast, but I do avidly enjoy hiking, backpacking, camping and other outdoor recreational activities. The extensive gear I’ve accumulated over the years bears both the Cabela’s and the L.L. Bean brand names (as well as that of Eastern Mountain Sports).

I am gravely sickened by the gun violence and heartbreaking tragedies that have poured down on our culture and have plagued our children’s lives in our schools across the country.

Additionally, I am disgusted by the National Rifle Association’s control over our elected officials (that favors Republicans and trashes Democrats) and their irresponsible, insensitive, cruel and selfish desire to boost gun sales at any expense. Even many of my close friends, who are avid hunting sportsmen, are repulsed by the NRA’s positions and actions.

Assault-type guns must be banned – period. Unlike the bold stance adopted by L.L. Bean, Cabela’s continues to feature and sell assault-style weapons. I will no longer purchase anything from Cabela’s or their owner, Bass Pro Shops, in-store or online. I’m placing the safety of children and others before the assault-style-rifle sales and profitability of Cabela’s, and the longer drive to L.L. Bean in Freeport will be well worth it.

Denis Netto


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