Conroy-Tully Walker in South Portland has launched program to ensure American flags are properly disposed of and that veterans are honored for their service.

The funeral home, which has locations in Portland and South Portland, will accept donations of worn and weathered flags from any member of the public who wants to have them properly disposed of.

According to the United States flag code, burning is one of the ways to properly dispose of a flag. Conroy-Tully Walker, with the permission of families, will cremate a flag alongside a deceased veteran as a way to honor them for their service to their country.

Both the veterans’ family and the fl ag donor will receive a certificate commemorating the honor.

“We believe that is important to honor our country and those who have served our country, and the Tattered Flag Program is a way to do both. Carried out with the utmost care and respect, the program will offer a way for families of veterans to honor their loved one, knowing that the flag they fought for is being paid proper respect as well,” said Adam Walker, owner of Conroy-Tully Walker.

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