The northwest mountains of Maine are one of the crown jewels of America, and the proposed Central Maine Power corridor would bisect them.

I am a lifelong northern Mainer as well as a traveler and an environmentalist. I have seen the irreversible damage of industrialized environments and believe in renewable energy as well as climate change. I do not support the CMP New England Clean Energy Connect project. A similar proposal has been rejected by New Hampshire because it’s not worth the impact.

At the end of the day, CMP has become a company steeped in controversy. Its proposal would have far too great an impact with no compensation to the many Mainers who have used these areas for generations.

I have faith that the good folks of Maine will come together and demand the denial of this project, which offers short-term jobs building a power line for a Spanish-owned company (CMP) to provide foreign hydropower (Hydro-Quebec) to a state that has the capability to meet its own energy needs (Massachusetts).

Let us save one of America’s crown jewels: the western Maine mountains.

Noah Hale

West Forks

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