The situation on the U.S.-Mexico border makes me ashamed at and embarrassed by my government, and angry about the way that people are being treated in the name of Americans.

This is not the government I want. Learning to expect President Trump to manufacture a “crisis” with his hateful rhetoric and lies is not something that I want to get used to. I can raise my voice and send money to help the immigrants at the border, but I can’t change much myself.

Where is the rest of the government? Where is Congress? Aren’t other people outraged by what is happening in the name of the USA? Aren’t they worried about the way people are being treated? Aren’t they at least worried about the money being wasted on this Trump-manufactured crisis? Aren’t they worried that the laws of the land are being ignored?

There are so many positive, creative efforts that could be made to help people in pain in Central America and around the world in their own countries. Americans have the heart and space to bring new people into our country, just like my great-grandparents came to escape poverty and oppression in the countries where they were born.

I don’t care if they’re Republican, Democratic or independent – people should be outraged, and I ask that they express it! We don’t want to be the ugly Americans, but our president is going a long way to make us look that way to the rest of the world.

I urge Sen. Angus King, Sen. Susan Collins and Rep. Chellie Pingree to raise their voices as elected officials, compassionate human beings and patriotic Americans and demand that Congress take a stand. This is not a political issue – it is a humanitarian one.

Louise Gephart


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