A recent editorial suggested that we need to measure the effectiveness of early learning programs like pre-K throughout a child’s schooling in order to be sure our schools are investing wisely in these programs. I agree that it’s appropriate to make sure that programs work, especially since early childhood education is a key part of the education continuum.

Many kids need continued efforts throughout their education to keep them on a solid path. All stages of the education continuum deserve our investment, and we must meet the needs of kids with innovative, high-quality programs that have measurable and positive outcomes.

The future success of many children starts with early education. Maine is making great strides to make sure pre-K is accessible to all kids, no matter where they live. Investments that maintain and improve the quality of these programs are essential.

From my perspective as a business owner, Maine must stay committed to quality early learning programs that offer significant help in getting kids on a path to do well in all education levels. Doing so will help many of them graduate high school and continue with postsecondary studies. Maine employers need more and better-skilled workers to remain competitive. When employers succeed, Maine’s economy succeeds, and Maine’s people prosper.

I am excited that more Maine kids have access to and are participating in early learning pre-K programs. I believe quality programs will level the playing field for kids, regardless of where they live or their family’s socio-economic status. Every child deserves the same shot, and Maine cannot afford to leave any kid behind.

Kevin Mattson

Dirigo Capital Advisors


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