I’m increasingly hopeful about prospects for action on climate change after witnessing the reaction by our congressional leaders to recent climate change reports from the United Nations in October, and from the U.S. National Climate Assessmentlast Friday.

I am thankful to Senators King and Collins, and Representative Pingree, who all cited the warnings in the U.S. report in their statements, and called for acceptance of climate change as a threat, and for action to mitigate its effects.

I’m also grateful to the Portland Press Herald, for increasing its coverage of climate change issues, and for publishing letters to the editor from Maine citizens who are concerned about climate change.

Finally, thank you to the nine Maine high school students who traveled to Washington, D.C. on Nov. 12 to participate in the Citizens Climate Lobby Congressional Education Day, and to advocate for the CCL’s climate proposal, Carbon Fee and Dividend

This activism by our young people is perhaps the most encouraging development in our efforts to address this serious threat to our economy, our health, our environment, and our happiness.

Bob McKillop


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