The migrants are being greeted by troops, barbed wire and tear gas, ordered by our president at a cost to the taxpayers of about $200 million.

Ganging up on little children, sick infants, et al.! Shame! Shame! What a bully. It makes me wonder where the first lady got her idea about her so-called “anti-bullying program.”

How would our late Mother Teresa have greeted these poor victims, who are fleeing their countries to save their lives and start a new life in the USA? She would have welcomed them with open arms, offering food and water, tending to the sick – all the compassionate things she did all her life while on this earth. Imagine what she would have accomplished with $200 million!

If these migrants were legally processed into the USA, the “help wanted” signs would gradually disappear. They would gladly do the jobs that we obviously don’t want to do.

It would not surprise me that when Donald Trump comes to the pearly gates, he’ll find them covered with barbed wire. There is an old saying: “I only wish upon you what you deserve!”

P.S. Shame upon you, Mr. President, for putting a tear in the eyes of two very compassionate women: Lady Liberty and blessed Teresa of Calcutta.

Toby Koles


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