Very few construction jobs in the state of Maine bring the promise of thousands of jobs with them. The New England Clean Energy Connect project is the exception to the rule.

This project promises to bring 1,700 jobs a year to our state during construction and 3,500 at peak construction. And these aren’t minimum-wage jobs. These jobs will pay good money. The work will also be done in a section of our state whose economy could definitely use a shot in the arm – western Maine.

Those jobs will then in turn stimulate the economy in a number of the small Maine towns along the project’s corridor. The workers will at some point want to eat breakfast or lunch or grab a drink. Small businesses along the NECEC corridor will only benefit in the long run from people wanting to spend money in their towns.

I strongly urge the Maine Public Utilities Commission to support this project. It can only help our state, both in the short term and for many years to come.

Nate Boutin


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