Full disclosure, right up front: I’m no fan of President Trump, and to a large extent I don’t understand Trump supporters, notwithstanding significant time and effort communicating with them and attempting to understand what motivates the (seemingly) irrational fervor of their support. One thing I have deduced is that they are as intelligent as those who do not support Trump!

Half of my family and friends support him; the other half (and that includes me) want to see him gone from the presidency yesterday.

It occurred to me out of the blue Saturday evening that not all of the bovine excrement that Trump is famous for spreading lacks veracity. Rather, therein lies a singular paramount truth repeatedly uttered by him, the chord he has so solidly struck with so many voters.

He reiterates this important maxim: In large part, but by no means exclusively, the U.S. senators and representatives in Washington, D.C., are corrupt, lazy and primarily interested in the prestige and perks of their respective offices – that and feathering their own nest at the expense of the vast majority of people who voted for them. This truth dominates and diminishes all of Trump’s lies, all of his character flaws, all of his unintelligent, ill-advised tweets, decisions and actions.

Of course, the population of Trump supporters also includes a distinct minority: his true brethren, like him the well heeled and well connected, who, as he does, care not a whit about the majority of his supporters, his lies and scamming notwithstanding.

What is required to dislodge the typical Trump supporter/voter from their irrational support? I cannot answer that; it is simply beyond me … perhaps yet another charismatic bloviator who tells the same paramount truth, absent all the lies?

Rick Kelley


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