On Nov. 16, Lakes Region Weekly reporter Jane Vaughan published an article regarding our new town manager. In this article she interviewed Councilor Peter Starostecki, who stated that our new town manager would fine if the “old boys club didn’t get their teeth into him.”

First let me say for the record that Bill Giroux is an exceptional, experienced, well- rounded town manager that will never be backed into a corner. He was selected because he was the best candidate and most qualified, period.

Ms. Vaughan published the article using my name as provided by Councilor Starostecki as a “good old boy,” and apparently didn’t feel the need to inquire if I would like to comment, so I will do so now.

Unlike Councilor Starostecki, I don’t make back handed comments directed at fellow councilors behind a reporter’s notebook. I will speak directly to him (as I did at the December Town Council meeting:

You have previously said there is no unity on the council, however you continue to do nothing to help unify us, instead you make comments to the press that are inaccurate and in my opinion, ill-advised.

If wanting to keep dope away from our kids and giving our residents the best public services makes me a “good old boy” then sign me up.

You sir, don’t know me … you are not qualified to tell anyone who or what I am, and you probably never will be. I am an optimistic man, I consider it a privilege to serve, and I do so at the pleasure of our residents. I hope at some point you will realize that there is value on both sides of the aisle. That, sir, is how you promote unity.

Until then going forward, it would be perfectly fine with me if you keep my name out of your mouth and let the people of Standish determine who or what I am.

Greg T. Sirpis
Standish Town Council