This letter is in regards to Spectrum and their supposed improvement to digital cable. I have so far failed to see any improvement to the customer. In fact, it is now costing me $35.37 per month more for less service.

They have made it impossible for my second television to work unless I get another box from them and pay another $9 per month for something I did not need to have before the conversion. Spectrum has refused to cooperate in providing discounts to me and other senior citizens, and it has forced high technology on us without any visible improvement but a certainly higher cost to the consumer.

Who is regulating the cable companies? I am told that the towns give the OK for them to provide service, but why doesn’t cable have any regulation or competition?

We are being forced to participate in the loss of service, higher costs and a “we don’t care” attitude of the Spectrum powers that be. I will have to find another way to watch TV – or, even better, watch less!

Susan Sickler


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