Poliquin should finish the task

Bruce Poliquin will, and must, continue his challenge to the ranked-choice voting system and the constitutionality of the results. He will, because it is his choice as a citizen of this Republic and he has the freedom to do so. He must, because he is a Representative of the voters in the 2nd Congressional District (CD2) who, 20,000 strong, voted against the RCV and feel disenfranchised by the results of the new voting system.

It bears repeating that those who decry the challenges to RCV as an effort to erode the voter’s confidence in the voting process spent millions in an effort to erode the voter’s confidence in the voting process in order to pass RCV. To one eligible citizen, there is given one vote. That is the Constitution and, as Rep. Poliquin took an oath to defend the Constitution, he is required by that oath to challenge this attack on the very foundation of our Republic.

In this light, the argument and subsequent mockery of Poliquin that he did not fully criticize the RCV during the election and that this somehow invalidates his challenge is at best irrelevant and at worst, laughable. The representative is bound by his oaths of public servitude to his constituents, the integrity of this Republic, and the ideals set forth in the Constitution of the United States. Yet, he is, of course, free to violate these oaths, as some do, for personal ease and deflection of responsibility, but the erosion of the individual voting rights of the citizen will only continue.

No, Bruce Poliquin is bound to see this through, to finish this task. In so doing, perhaps, he can raise the awareness of the, too often, apathetic voter. Maybe there can arise enough passion to repeal this travesty.

Andy Torbett,


CMP project would harm Maine woodland

I’ve been growing up in this state my whole life. I’ve known and met many hunters, trappers, even master guides that make their livings in the expanse of land CMP wants to remove to make way for a project they are calling “the Corridor.” This project will remove many many miles of Maine’s beautiful woodlands, and even some of the Appalachian trail to send power not even to Maine, but to Massachusetts.

I am only 17 but have walked some of the many miles of woods we have here in Maine and by the time I start my family I want to be able to share the same experiences with my wife and children. The way of life here is an important part of Maine’s economy, Maine’s life, and Maine’s residences, This is a beautiful state with many beautiful forests and woodlands. We need to be preserving, not destroying its natural beauty.

I’d like see this issue not arise into action as the woodlands is a very important area for many creatures, we can’t be taking away miles and miles of habitat for our state let alone another. I was asked to write this today by Seth Berry, a Maine state representative. This topic needs to be talked about and we need help fighting it. so please if you want to help us fight the destruction of Maine’s way of life, you can go to https://www.corridorno.com.

Seth Myers,