I am writing to encourage President Trump to continue his stand against the socialist trend in our country. His election has certainly served to reveal and emphasize the deep-seated animosity embedded in the hearts of those who call themselves “progressives.” I am overwhelmed at the hostility they show to anything or anyone that displays support for the United States’ excellence.

History has recorded the demise of so many great civilizations that have destroyed themselves from within. I fear that we are on the edge of destruction, ourselves, as we reap the fruits of a corrupt political system whose members care more about their own welfare than they do about our country.

I very much support term limits to help eliminate career politicians. I am concerned about their self-serving attitudes, which pay lip service to voters in order to maintain power. Rather, they profit from the special interest groups who buy favor. Both political parties are guilty of this.

I am concerned about the tendency to condemn the United States for real or imagined past ills and, yet, forget the overwhelming sacrifices we have made to help other nations and peoples in their time of need. We need not apologize! I believe we should now revise or end our foreign aid programs. The money would be better used at home to rebuild our own neglected needs.

I want to see border security! Nobody should view entry into our country as a right. It should be recognized as a privilege.

I want the president to know that I support his agenda for the American people. I am grateful for his resolve to say and echo the sentiments of us “little people.” More people share my views than he might learn from the biased media reports.

Richard Schoff


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