BRUNSWICK — Sachi Peavy has found a way to spread holiday spirit in Brunswick through her origami ornaments.

“In the winter time I try to give back because I appreciate this country,” said Peavy. “I also want to share my culture.”

Sachi Peavy spreads holiday spirit and shares a piece of Japanese culture through her decorations. Every origami ornament at Amtrak’s visitors center in Brunswick is handmade by Peavy. (Chris Quattrucci / The Times Record)

Peavy is Japanese, but moved to Maine from California in 1987. She said she’s helped decorate at the post office with her origami ornaments for years, but this year her work also adorns the Brunswick Visitor Center, the home for Amtrak, Concord Coach Lines, and the Brunswick Explorer.

“We really end up being a hub for the whole area,” said visitor center employee Nora Bishop. “There’s a lot of people coming in and out. We’ve had a lot of comments on it.”

Bishop greets travelers at the center that is now covered in Peavy’s creations. Snowflakes adorn the windows, along with a tree covered in penguins, fish, and swans born from nothing more than ribbon and paper. The decorations cover the tree. For those paying close attention, they’ll notice every decoration is homemade. All of them are done by Peavy to help welcome those traveling for the holiday.

“I love to do it, I create,” ” said Peavy. “I love to make people happy.”

Peavy, 74, hopes to agencies and people she decorates for commit to donating to local causes, such as local animal shelters.

Peavy went back to the visitor center Saturday to check on her creations and visit her friend Bishop. She travels with a container full of origami creations in her car in case an opportunity to share her work arises.

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