It’s now been a week since our last snow. The snow pack has diminished outside of the foothills and mountains, and despite over 20 inches of snow so far this season near the coast, it was a “brown” Christmas.

We’ll get a little snow Friday, to remind us it’s winter. It’s not a big storm, but it’s going to start at a bad time for the morning commute.

Snow will start around 5 a.m. in western Maine, closer to 8 a.m. in eastern Maine.

It’ll be cold enough to start as snow almost everywhere, and will cover the roads, creating a slippery morning commute.

Warmer air will move in from south to north, changing the snow to sleet, freezing rain, and eventually rain. This will be a quick change to rain near the coast, but take much longer farther north.

In the foothills and mountains, it will struggle to warm up. Expect an icy glaze on top of the snow. Areas around Route 2 will be slippery into the early afternoon.

This all will wrap up from west to east Friday afternoon, tapering to scattered showers. The Friday evening commute will be much improved.

There won’t be a lot of accumulation, but a few fresh inches in the mountains will add to the base. For everyone else, it’ll be just enough for a slippery Friday morning commute.

It’s worth noting the next system is slated for New Year’s Eve. It may start as snow, but with a lack of deep cold, it’s likely to flip to a mix with rain too, at some point Monday night or Tuesday morning.

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