Before looking ahead, let’s briefly look back at the year that was.

This average is calculated from the mean temperature each day (the average of the day’s high and low). The mean temperature for the year of 47.5 degrees is exactly one degree above the average.

Worth noting eight months were above average, with February being the most extreme (we had one day in the low 70s!) while the most extreme month on the cold side was November.

Here’s a look at some of the year’s extremes.

Looking ahead, we do have a bit of snow coming Thursday. It won’t be a large storm system, but the timing isn’t good, with most of the snow falling during the Thursday morning commute. Seems to be the theme of this winter so far; all of these systems are hitting at inconvenient times for commuters.

It’s a quick-hitting clipper system, which usually lacks moisture for anything significant.  So, most areas should see just a couple of inches.  There may be a little ocean enhancement pushing totals, in a few communities near the coast, especially Midcoast, over 4 inches.  Again, not a huge storm, but enough to cause problems and get the plows out in the morning.

Looking way ahead, there’s a bigger storm chance next Tuesday. It’s just that at this point — a chance. Over the next five days, we’ll hone in and get more specific as the storm’s track comes into focus.

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