John Balentine seemed to take a negative view of the holiday season writing about income equality. He took the misinterpreted view that everyone should earn the same amount. My view of income inequality is that everyone doing the same job should be paid equally regardless of gender, race, or gender identity. Everyone should have the same chance at advancement based on their ability.

There will be differences in pay based on job position, seniority and other factors. Many years ago those at the top earned 40 or 50 times more than those at the bottom. This disparity has grown to hundreds of times more. In the last few years the top couple of percent has received almost all the income growth and tax reduction benefits.

Those at the bottom of the scale should be paid enough to meets their basic needs. Too many are working full time, but must depend on welfare to survive.

The happiness quotient Balentine refers to indicates a family needs $75,000 to be happy. This meets their basic needs. According to what I believe Balentine wrote, he believes a full-time worker supporting a family and earning $23,000 (minimum wage), is financially happy.

I don’t think this is so.

Stan Tetenman