I want to commend my Press Herald paper delivery person – and all who deliver your paper.

I do not live in a very accessible location during a weather event, but my guy has always been right on. Even on Jan. 3, with two-hour school delays, I went out that morning to snow blow and there it was, my morning paper. I hope our Freeport delivery guy, who is from Brunswick, gets an “atta boy” for his efforts.

I might add that Jesse noticed that I had difficulty in getting to my paper box one morning; I had a bad knee and was using a walking stick. He now gets my paper to the foot of my walkway, not always an easy task. The guy just gets customer service.

Anyway, this guy needs some sort of “Carrier of the Year” award – at the very least, “Carrier of the Month” recognition. He is a valuable asset, and I probably would not be a subscriber without carriers such as him.

Michael Thibodeau


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