The government shutdown may continue because of the impasse regarding the lack of adequate barriers and the lack of overall security along our southern borders.

Because of a presidential temper tantrum during a meeting about reinforcing the southern border, Democratic congressional leaders have flatly refused to support funds for any type of physical barrier to be constructed. As a result, President Trump has shut down the government until he receives their cooperation. Neither the president nor the congressional leaders are acting in good faith; in fact, both sides have acted badly.

The government shutdown makes our country vulnerable to cyberattacks and other forms of terrorist activity. The government needs to be reopened immediately, and the cost and details of securing the border should be a separate issue to be discussed at a future date.

While I do not believe that a physical barrier will solve all the problems of illegal immigration, it is a beginning toward securing our porous borders. Certainly we need more Border Patrol officers on the job, and congressional members should be willing to provide them with the tools they need to keep our borders safe.

Nancy Harris

South Portland