President Trump was given a strong mandate on Election Day 2016.

President Trump was victorious in large part because of his promise to build the southern border wall. Citizens in 29 states voted for President Trump over the others in the race. The 58 senators from those states are obligated to those citizens to support the president and the southern border wall.

Included in that electoral win as well are 248 congressional districts. That means that 248 out of the 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives (57 percent) are ignoring the will of their constituents. This Congress needs to be reminded of that. Every citizen should be calling their U.S. representatives and senators to demand that they abide by the mandate of the American people.

The Chuck Schumer-Nancy Pelosi partial government shutdown has nothing to do with denying President Trump anything. The lying, gutless Democrats are masking their disdain for the American people with their lashing out at our president. It is all about denying the American people their border wall. President Trump is simply the most convenient scapegoat.

Jones Gallagher

North Berwick

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