I just read Leonard Pitts’ Jan. 23 column – ” ‘MAGA’ teen video, and subsequent reaction, depicts a broken nation” – and man, did he show his bias! I only wish he had viewed the longer video that shows the Black Hebrew Israelites cursing those kids in the most vile way and yelling, “Build a wall.” The kids just stood there, waiting for the bus with their chaperones and minding their own business.

He keeps referring to Nick Sandmann’s “smirk,” like he could read the kid’s mind from the short viral video. Pitts also said that Nick Sandmann’s smirk was similar to the expression of a Nazi SS man cutting off a rabbi’s beard. What?

Nick Sandmann is a high school kid, confronted by a drum-beating adult. The drummer, Nathan Phillips, is a political activist with a long history of crying to the news spinning his “poor me” story.

Just for the record, Nathan Phillips did not serve in Vietnam.

The “Make America Great Again” hats must have triggered Leonard Pitts to this level of bias. Actress Alyssa Milano called that hat “the new white hood.” Unfortunately for her and Pitts, many blacks wear it proudly.

Larry Davis


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